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If you have just bought a home and want to decorate it with a smart and contemporary style, you’ll surely want to know which are the most fashionable furniture pieces of the moment. At Terra Homes we know about the latest decoration trends, and that’s why we are going to help you find the furnishings you need for your new home.

Rattan furniture, get the latest natural trend!

You just have to make a quick search for bedroom and living room decors to see that one of the biggest trends of the moment is natural furniture. We have used this Nordic style and liked it so much that we have made it our own versions.

If you want to decorate your house in the latest style, while also conveying and inspiring calmness, we recommend taking a look at the high quality rattan, mimbre, raffia and other similar pieces of furniture available on the market at the moment.

This type of furniture would be ideal for your living room or bedroom, where you can even use it for your bed headboard. We recommend that you combine it with soft tones both in regard to your walls and textiles. Remember, a rustic twist when decorating a space is always a good idea.

Vintage furnishings, would you go back in time?

If natural furnishings are the future, furnishings from the first half of the 20th Century are by no means being left behind. The vintage style first came into our homes a few years back, and it has been so captivating that it hasn’t just resisted the passing of time, but it looks like it is here to stay.

One of the best spaces for vintage furnishings is in the kitchen. Minimalist lines have taken a step back with classic furniture coming to the forefront, with mint or turquoise tones, half-moon door handles, etc.

You may think that this style is a bit out there, but we don’t think so. If you are tempted but still have some reservations, the key is to choose an intermediary vintage style by selecting some more timeless colours, such as off white. Door handles can be easily changed if you no longer like them. If you think about it, this style of furnishing is generally cosier, and you may like for more time.

Chaise longue style sofas: elegance and comfort

If we are talking about the furniture pieces of the moment, we have to mention the chaise longue. Due to its size and design, it is a sofa that stands out in any room. Furthermore, space shouldn’t be an issue, as chaise lounges can come in a range of different sizes, from less than two metres to over three metres long.

Likewise, a chaise longue is versatile and comfortable. You can sit on it or lay down, so relax and put your feet up!

In many cases, the cushions are also removable meaning it can also be turned into a bed in a matter of seconds. Many chaise lounges also have a built in cabinet which can be useful for storage.

White and round dining tables: another nod to Nordic style

For many years when thinking about dining tables, the most common was a rectangular wooden table. However, the Nordic style has brought us some beautiful round, white dining tables with white chairs (the legs can also be the same colour, or another, and can even be made from a different type of wood).

These tables help us to lighten up this space and their round shape make them much more inviting. If you want to decorate the table, a clear vase with some pretty soft coloured flowers is all you need. Remember that with Nordic style, less is always more. For us, these are the stylish furnishings that you need to know about and incorporate into your new home. Which ones are you choosing?