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Are you thinking about making some changes to your bathroom? If so, well done, because at Terra Homes we will give you the best bathroom renovation tips which we have learnt from our experience of working with customers who have decided to make the same renovations.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

Firstly, let’s talk about how much a bathroom renovation costs. Bathroom renovation prices depend on several factors, especially the square metres, the quality of materials, and the amount of work to be done. You also need to bear in mind that each individual company has its own labour costs.

Nevertheless, to update a four square metre, a general price range would be around 2,000 euros. However, depending on the factors addressed above, as well as others which may affect the budget, renovating a bathroom can cost more or less than this, ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 euros.

To get a definitive answer, the best thing to do is to ask for a direct quote.

The best tips when renovating a bathroom

Now you know how much it may cost you to renovate your bathroom, make a note of what you need to consider before starting your renovations:

Get quotes from various companies

Although you may think the first quote you get is a good price, it is essential to compare it against others. That’s why we recommend you ask for quotes from at least three different places, so that you have enough options to make a comparison.

Measure up well

When renovating a bathroom, it is essential to bear in mind how much room is needed. For example, bear in mind that the space where the toilet is located needs to be at least 60 centimetres wide and 120 centimetres deep.

Shower or bathtub? Think about it Think about it

One thing that you really need to think about when renovating your bathroom is choosing a bathtub or shower. To make the right choice you don’t just need to think about the available space, but also your current and medium-term needs.

For example, if you have mobility issues or are elderly, a shower is a much better option. Whereas young families or couples planning to have a family may be best to select a bathtub, because it makes it easier to bath small children.

Think about how to get more space

Bathrooms are not usually overly large spaces; however, they do require different bathroom and personal hygiene fittings. That is why it is important to find ways of creating more space.

A good way to do this is by installing heated towel rails. There are electric and hot water ones, although the most economic option over the long-term is the latter. It is also important to remember that chrome rails generally provide less heat than white ones.

Another good option is fitting a bathroom cabinet under the sink, to make the most of the space to store towels, personal hygiene products, hair dryers, etc. This type of fitting is also an attractive and elegant option for a bathroom, and when choosing between a typical bathroom cabinet over the sink or this other, the latter will always give your bathroom a more modern look

Optimise lighting

A bathroom is a space that needs good lighting. That means, along with a main light or ceiling spotlights, installing other lighting options is also a good idea. It is especially important that there is light above the mirror, to ensure that there is enough light to do our hair or makeup, although there are also illuminated mirrors.

Do not spare on mirror size

Although it may seem that mirror size is not overly important when renovating your bathroom, in reality it is. We must not forget that on occasions the bathroom is a space that is used by more than one person at a time, and when this happens, a big mirror is a must. Furthermore, if we have a small bathroom, a large mirror will make it seem larger.

Trust in the professionals

Renovation work needs to be left in the hands of experts. Not doing so can be dangerous, especially when it comes to bathrooms, as poor workmanship can cause plumbing issues and a range of other problems to arise. That is why it is necessary to use people who specialise in these kinds of renovations.

Think about the future

You may be tempted to decorate your bathroom with some particularly bright colours or with an original tile design. That is all well and good, but if the design is too radical, you may quickly grow tired of it. You need to bear in mind that your bathroom renovation should not just last for a few years, but maybe even decades.

So you need to think of what you like in the here and now, but also think of what you will still like as time goes by. At Terra Homes, we are sure that if you follow the bathroom renovation tips in this post, you will be able to renovate your bathroom completely to your taste.

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