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Are you looking for an investment property in Madrid? If so, one of the first things you need to have clear is where you want to invest. If you are in search of some more information, at Terra Homes we are going to tell you which the best neighbourhoods are to invest in Madrid in 2022.

Exclusive investment neighbourhoods in Madrid

If you are planning to buy a premium property, we recommend the following Madrid neighbourhoods:


Salamanca is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Madrid. It owes its names to the Marquis of Salamanca who had the idea of building up this area which nowadays is home to important personalities, such as those from the world of politics. In reality, this is a district made up of several neighbourhoods including La Guindalera, Castellana, Lista, Goya, Recoleto, and Fuente del Berro.

In Salamanca you can invest in a property and rent it out to tenants with high economic means, as this is one of the most iconic areas of Madrid where you can find museums, mansions, and the famous Plaza de Colón. This neighbourhood also has a great food scene with several Michelin star restaurants in addition to luxury designer stores.


If you are looking for an area with the old style flavour of historical Madrid, Chamberi is the place to invest. This district is made up of the neighbourhoods Arapiles, Trafalgar, Gaztambide, Ríos Rosas, Almagro, and Vallehermoso. It is also packed full of history as this was where Madrid’s aristocrats lived during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

There is always something going on in Chamberi. Here you can find some of Madrid’s most important museums, such as the Sorolla Museum. There are also modern buildings here such as Nuevos Ministerios, which nowadays is where some of the country’s ministries are based.

La Moraleja

Undoubtedly, one of the best areas to live both in Madrid and Spain is La Moraleja. It is just 15 minutes from the city centre and is a quiet residential area with everything you need to live a premium lifestyle.

Another factor to point out about La Moraleja is that it is a neighbourhood with highly monitored security. It is also very well connected in terms of transport as it has a number of prestigious schools, large shops, etc.

El Retiro

El Retiro is another one of Madrid’s 21 districts made up of the neighbourhoods of Adelfas, Pacífico, Estrella, Jerónimos, Ibiza and Niño Jesús. If you are inspired by culture, this is the neighbourhood you need to invest in. In fact, here you can find the famous Prado Museum, as well as other interesting attractions such as the Royal Botanical Garden.

If you want to invest in a residential, exclusive, and elegant area, El Retiro is up there as one the best options. It is home to some of Madrid’s most important monuments and the Paseo del Prado y El Retiro was actually declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021.

More accessible investment neighbourhoods in Madrid

There are other neighbourhoods in Madrid where you can find a property at a lower price that will also make a good investment. We suggest the following:

Ciudad Lineal

This is made up of the neighbourhoods Pueblo Nuevo, Ventas, Quintana, San Pascual, Concepción, San Juan Bautista, Atalaya, Colina and Costillares, the Ciudad Lineal district also has the advantage of not being too far from Madrid city centre.

You can also invest here with less capital than is required in some of the previously mentioned neighbourhoods. That’s not to say that this neighbourhood doesn’t have its own unique attractions, in Ciudad Lineal you can find the Puerto de Navacerrada ski resort, the Plaza Arturo Soria, and the iconic calle de Alcalá.


Divided up into the neighbourhoods of Cuatro Caminos, Bellas Vistas, Castillejos, Valdeacederas, Almenara and Berruguete, the Tetuan neighbourhood is also very well connected to the city centre. It is home to the Plaza de la Remonta, the largest arcaded plaza in Madrid, just a few steps away from calle Murillo.

TThe Tetuan neighbourhood is also home to several famous buildings such as the Torre Picasso, the Torres Kio and the Torre Europa Madrid. This makes Tetuan an excellent place to invest, without the prices seen in the neighbourhoods we mentioned at the start. For us, these are the best neighbourhoods to invest in Madrid in 2022. Now it’s decision time, so we hope this information has been useful for you.