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If you are planning to buy yourself a flat, you should bear in mind that there are some favourable and less favourable times in the year to do so. There are a series of factors to consider which can have an influence on your final decision. That’s why, at Terra Homes we want to tell you about the best times of the year to buy a flat.

The best time of year to buy a flat is autumn

The months between September and November are the best time to buy a flat. At this time of year the summer holidays have ended and slow sales over the relaxing summertime months have picked up again, meaning that the choice of flats available is much larger.

There are also other factors which make autumn the ideal time to buy a flat:

  • During the autumn months those buyers interested in buying a summer house are no longer active, so there is less competition when buying.
  • As a future buyer, you can use the whole summer to analyse what type of flat you need, you will have enough time to consciously search for a property, meaning you will have a clearer idea of what it is you want.

Is the winter a good time to buy a flat?

As previously said, that autumn is the best time to buy a flat. But, what about winter? While autumn may be the best time, is winter a good or bad time to buy a flat?

The thing is, as the property market tends to reactivate in autumn,there are less properties available in the winter. You need to remember that a significant number of previously available properties may have already been sold. You should also bear in mind that Christmas often means people are focusing on other things, and it is not necessarily the best time to easily find a flat.

Nevertheless, over the winter there is also one clear advantage to point out: you can find those properties that have not been sold over autumn, which can mean it is a good time to negotiate on their price.

Is the spring a good time to buy a flat?

The spring sees the return of the good weather, meaning lots of people start looking for a new second home for their holidays. The property market reactivates, and the demand grows. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the supply grows, as many sellers may want to wait until after the summer to sell in order to get the best out of the property over the summer months and take advantage of the tourism opportunities.

Nevertheless, while there is certainly more movement in the property market over the spring, buyers don’t tend to focus on finding a flatat this time of year.

Summer, the time not to buy a flat

The summer is undoubtedly the worst time of year to buy a flat. There are less properties available at this time of year, as many are rented out to tourists, meaning that sale prices are higher.

Likewise, over summer everyone is on holiday meaning that the economy is quieter. You also need to remember that when buying a flat there are a lot of expenses to consider in addition to the asking price, such as the paperwork, the furnishings (even if you have furniture from a previous flat, you usually have to buy new things too), etc. So it may be best to leave these costly months until the autumn, when you can make a decision to start searching for what flat to buy.

Our advice as estate agents

At Terra Homes, we recommend that you consider all of the suggestions we have made here in regard to the best and worst times of year to buy a flat, because it is a lifechanging decision, both due to the money involved and the effect it will have on your future. Of course, if you do find the flat of your dreams in midsummer, and you have the means to buy it, go for it! What we want to say is that if you have nothing lined up and you need some more time to look and decide on what you want, autumn is the best time to buy a flat.