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One of the great attractions of Madrid city centre is the wide range of restaurants on offer. This can make it complicated when choosing which one to eat at. If you need help, at Terra Homes, we are going to tell you which ones we believe to be the best restaurants in Madrid city centre, don’t miss it!

El Tormo

Are you a fan of traditional food? Then you simply have to try El Tormo. It is a restaurant specialising in traditional food from La Mancha. There is no menu here, you’ll be served what you’re given.

El Tormo is a family friendly and cosy restaurant and is the ideal place to try a delicious pisto toledano or traditional hare and rice dish. Let’s not forget the chicken albondigas or ajoarriero de La Mesta, among the other tasty options available.

Maridaje divino

Maridaje divino is the follow up restaurant to what used to be called Casa Marta. The name of this establishment is a declaration of its intent, as it is run by a family who are well aware of the importance of accompanying a meal with a good bottle of wine.

At this restaurant you can enjoy the menu of the day at a very reasonable price. You can also decide to go à la carte, where you will find dishes such as its famous lobster rice or homemade carabineros croquettes. These are just a few of the options available at a restaurant that has received very good reviews from those who have already discovered it.


There is a very good Japanese restaurant in the city centre. Specifically, in Embajadores, where you can find Livin’Japan which offers a delicious variety of Japanese and vegetarian dishes. With a modern design and peaceful atmosphere, this is a place to disconnect and enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience.

At Livin’Japan you can enjoy an unbeatable craft beer, a tasty milkshake, and a delicious cheesecake. Customers also highlight the wonderful service here, contributing to this restaurant being a highly sought-after establishment in Madrid city centre.

Mercado de la Reina

Located in the middle of Gran Vía de Madrid, the Mercado de la Reina is a wonderful place to try traditional food with a modern twist. Here you can try a range of tapas and raciones, along with the best local pinchos. Some of the most famous dishes are its gambón rojo truffle carpaccio and its fried honey aubergine.

The ambience at the Mercado de la Reina is also another attraction, as it has a simple yet welcoming and modern design (American style counters). The service here is also a positive highlighted by visiting customers.


With a typically Spanish name, Maricastaña is a Madrid city centre restaurant that you have to try. It is the ideal place to try Mediterranean delicacies as well as some other international dishes.

One of its quirks (apart from its name) is that on its menu you can find a Vietnamese spring roll alongside a portion of traditional croquettes. On Sundays and bank holidays it also services brunch. Decor wise, it has a Nordic style and is very welcoming.

Las Noches de Moscú

We end this list with another restaurant with an eye-catching name. Located in Tribunal, Las Noches de Moscú is a unique spot, with a modern exterior and a romantic interior. Its menu has both starters and main courses, though the star of the show are its blinis.

It goes without saying that Las Noches de Moscú is the ideal place to enjoy a good shot of vodka. But there is also much more, such as its herring blinis, beef stroganoff, duck in berry sauce with asparagus, and plenty of other surprising options. If you are looking for something little bit different, why not head to Las Noches de Moscú?

That is our selection of the best restaurants in Madrid city centre. What about you? Have you decided which one to try yet?

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